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Chinook Aerial Imagery uses Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to provide the best available imagery for clients to promote corporate and private sales, websites and advertising. We also provide services for planning, inspections and real time monitoring.

Stable Shooting

The small size of the UAV enables us to get closer and have more stability than traditional aerial or camera dolly/crane methods and at a fraction of the cost. Great Quality

Great Quality

We have the latest in technology and our cameras mounted on electronic gimbals shoot 16mb pixel photos and 4k HD video which is shot at a bitrate of 1.9Gb per second.

Every Angle

Our UAV’s are controlled from a ground unit station and always in visual line of sight. Ground shoots are used using the same hand held cameras and gimbal technology. Video Editing

Video Editing

Post flight processing of all photos and videography is edited by Chinook Aerial Imagery using Final Cut Pro for promotional or personal use.


Safety & Flight Guidelines


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